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Life as an artisan on the beautiful Isle of Moen

TONDO is located on the northeastern coast of the charming Isle of Moen, Denmark, not far from the white chalk bluffs of “Moens Klint”. The Island is designated as a  UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

It is a magical place for a traditional artisans’ workshop and an inspirational place to work. We can look out to the sea from from the hills of Hesselholt Farm, picnic in the nearby forrest at lunchtime or dig through the rusty old tools that have been left here by generations of craftspeople before us.

We even harvest some of the raw materials for our production here; wood grown on the property, reclaimed wood saved from some of the older barns, chalk and sand from the beaches can all be used in our projects.

UNESCO page on Moen Biosphere Reserve 

Google Maps link.

Hesselholt’s Bed and Breakfast,  here.